Penn South


Currently, Penn South has an extremely long waiting list and therefore is not accepting new applications at this time.

If the list becomes shorter and can be reopened, notices will appear in several local newspapers with instructions on how to apply. There will also be information posted to this website. However, we do not anticipate that the list will be opened in the immediate future.

New Apartment Pricing

As of September 1, 2011 there was a significant increase in apartment pricing to aproximately $19,800 a room. As an example,
a 3.5 room apartment (one bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining area) would cost $69,300. Pursuant to State law on maximum resale price, apartment prices will increase approximately $750 a year per room reflecting a $17 a month assessment and loan amortization. Most of the increased price goes to Penn South treasury and is being used to pay for our HVAC replacement project.


Loans Now Available

When you are allocated an apartment in Penn South, you may borrow up to 50% of the total equity of your apartment. This equity may be financed with an approved institutional lender taking a security interest. The Penn South Credit Union is an approved lender. If you require a loan, all the necessary forms and other documents will be provided to you at the time of the apartment allocation.


Waiting List

If you are currently on the waiting list you can request your position on the list at any time by entering your information below and selecting "submit". Waiting List status available from this website is updated quarterly.

Your position on the waiting list can change due to our internal waiting list or due to in-active applicants, who can at any time re-activate their application. (An in-active applicant is one who has placed his or her application on hold, or an applicant whose address was unknown to us.)

Waiting List FAQ